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About Us

SeZak Srl

Since 2012 SeZak Srl is active in Italian and international distribution of HALAL certified food products. Our activity covers supermarkets and grocery stores, mass merchandiser, food services and International trading.

The current structure, guided by an international property, dynamic and constantly searching and identification of commercial channels that can offer exciting new opportunities for business development.

Quality and variety: our strength

The strength of the Sezak Srl is the ability to provide exclusively for Italy and many other countries the best Halal products that ate currently marketed in the small, medium and large northern European distribution already mature for years in this field.

Sezak Srl distributes the products of multinational companies, which have gained a worldwide recognition as high quality producers.

The acquisition in 2012 of the aforementioned exclusive not only has guaranteed high quality products and selected raw materials but also certified production processes, packaging of modern design and 100% guarantee Halal for our goods with brand EC for meats, dairy products and many other products.

In-depth studies of marketing and a courageous trade policy have led SeZak to have a very rich catalog and evolving including also other typical products belonging to the taste and culture of the Middle East such as meats, vegetables, salads, bakery products, spices, tea, condiments , juices, drinks, jams, cakes, however, appropriate to meet the tastes of the Italian public, the entire range of products is distinguished, however, by the high quality (certification Total Quality Food) and it can be proposed as an alternative to creating innovative new niches market also to customers not exclusively Islamic.